File Info

File is made up of 60 A4 size pages, and instruction booklet.

When printing select "Actual Size" in Print setup. A 10cm x 10cm square is included within the file (page5). Measure this to check the file is printing to accurate measurements

All pages are numbered and have a "map" to show the full plan of the file.

All pages have an overlap of approximately 1.5cm, 1/2", and a dashed line boarder. This will enable you to accurately match each page.

For more information on this style please visit the pattern shop page TPC8

The download will be sent via email, the link will expire 24hours after you first click to open it.

Strictly no refunds.

You will also need:

  • 330cm of fabric - based on a width of 140cm. 
  • 1x Button; 2x D-Rings.
  • 90cm of medium weight fusible.
  • Binding for internal seams, optional.
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