v. to ease, easing, eased

Ease is when you have a larger length of fabric to fit into a smaller length. The fabric is eased in rather than gathered in so there should be no sign of gathering or puckering when finished. The technique itself is the similar to gathering, you stitch a longstitch 5mm from the edge of the fabric and slightly pull it in to the correct measurement.

Although it called Ease it is not always easy. You need to make sure it is evenly spread out so it is smooth when finished. Its most commonly found in a sleeve head: ease on a sleeve head allows there to be a bit of extra room in the sleeve while still keeping the armhole fitted to the body.

Ease is also found when stitching two opposite curves together, even though the can measure the same length you need to use the same technique to fit them together.

Ease can also be found around the bust to accommodate a small portion of the dart.